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The World Class Process for selecting a Dogo

Far too often people tend to select a puppy or dog for their family based solely on appearance and/or pedigree. However, what is most important is the temperament of the dog. Temperament is fundamental to successful dog training-particularly regarding Obedience, Emotion Support, and Protection training. World Class K-9 concentrates great effort in providing owners/families with well-trained canine companions that can safeguard those within the family unit whether in private or public settings. Our training is control and stability focused which ensures greater safety from all perspectives. Given the preceding, this is one of the many reasons why the Dogo Argentino proves to be such a prime protection candidate for families. They possess such noteworthy qualities based on how they are genetically designed as a breed. Therefore, which cannot be overly emphasized, the World Class approach to breeding the Dogo Argentino centers on temperament first.

Our Process in Selecting your Puppy for our Program

Upon purchase of a puppy from World Class K-9 or World Class Dogo Argentino, you can be sure that we TEST and PROOF for stability and temperament! There is much that goes into selecting a puppy or dog of any breed. Before entering into our training program, canines are screened to determine if their nerves, behavior, and prey drive are adequate to undergo training. Once we identify a dog that possesses a good balance, we then proceed with training. Training includes imprinting a puppy and other varieties/levels of training based on clients’ specific needs.

Whether it’s an Obedience Trained Companion, Service Dog for PTSD, Emotional Support Dog, Stability Dog, or a Family Protection Companion that you are seeking, our program will couple you with a properly selected “fit” according to your individual needs and desires.

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